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Diane Wiezorek Banowetz

Quality products knowledgeable and compassionate owners who really do care. Also service is very fast! I’d highly recommend Rainer Wellness. It helped me when I had shingles that I thought would never go away.  Linda was very supportive and understanding. With Rainer Wellness, it’s not like dealing with a company, but talking to a friend.

Lori Hames

I’ve used the salve on my hand and my ankle & knees.  After many sprains over the years of sports as it has a mind of its own, The salve really made a difference. I have also started using the tinctures, I have been on opiods for yrs, I can now take less, I suggest everyone in pain try Rainer Wellness CBD.

Susan Mangold

 I have been using the salve & tinctures for a year now. Such an amazing product. I have a bum knee and bilateral carpel tunnel. I just apply the salve and within 10-20 minutes the edge is taken off. I’m so grateful for this amazing product. Thank you Jim & Linda for all the information on CBD.

Used many other CBD products in past but Rainer CBD products are by far the best! The salve worked quickly, has pleasant smell and does not leave a greasy mess after application. The 5000mcg CBD I use orally under my tongue twice a day also works faster than anything I have ever tried. It use to take me at least 1 hr to get going in the morning but now thanks to this CBD I’m up and going within 15 minutes! The taste of cinnamon is fantastic too and no after taste! These CBD products reduced my pain from arthritis, joint inflammation & interstitial cystitis by 95% + and has given me back my quality of life! I cannot thank Rainer CBD enough for this wonderful product! Melanie Reiser

The Rainer Wellness CBD oil has been a life changer for me. Controls my anxiety and I wake up in the morning great and get the day without pain! Thanks Jim & Linda Rainer. - Rena Roland Anderson

Great people producing excellent products. I use their CBD salve religiously! - Kevin Kammerlocher

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